Limited Editions

All photographs are available for purchase in exclusive limited editions, magnificently printed using only the finest museum-grade archival materials. They will provide generations of viewing pleasure and serve as lasting investments appreciating in value over time. As a particular photograph sells through its edition, it will increase in value and price until the edition is sold out. Limited edition photographs may be purchased starting from $800 unframed. Each photograph is strictly limited to a small edition of 25, 50, 100 or 300 prints to be sold worldwide. Each photograph is personally signed and numbered by Mosadek Miah and comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.


Limited Edition photographs may be ordered by perusing the online gallery and simply contacting us with your order request.


Unframed photographs are shipped worldwide free-of-charge. Framed photographs will require individual quotation for shipping and insurance costs depending upon size, value and destination. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of unframed photographs and 4-6 weeks for delivery of framed photographs.


We recommend having your limited edition photograph framed by our personal exhibition framers. Their specialised experience with fine art and conservation techniques will ensure your investment lasts a lifetime. Standard framing includes archival mounting on aluinium composite board, a white rag mat, conservation glass or optical-grade acrylic glazing, and a frame of your choice from our large selection of styles. contact us for a framing quote.

If you prefer to purchase an unframed photograph it should be promptly and professionally framed by an experienced framer using conservation materials only. Handling of the print prior to framing should be minimised to avoid damaging the delicate surface.

Please note we cannot guarantee or take responsibility for photographs which are not framed by our personal framers. However we will happily replace damaged or improperly framed photographs for a small fee above cost price, upon return of the damaged piece. Please contact us to arrange a replacement.


Larger limited edition photographs are best displayed with two or three ceiling mounted halogen spotlights. The bulbs selected should ideally have a 35-40 degree narrow beam angle, and be placed within 1-2 metres of the photograph. Smaller limited edition photographs would only require one or two spotlights. If ceiling mounted lights are not available, spotlights on tall floor lamps also work well.

Prints should ideally be kept in a temperature-controlled environment free from excessive humidity, pollution, dust and fumes, and if possible away from direct sunlight. These considerations in placement will ensure that your limited edition photograph lasts a lifetime.